south african kid in class room

You Can Transform A Life This Christmas

Christmas holds different meanings to different people. For some, it is the time to take a break from all types of work. While others look forward to spending time with their loved ones and family.

For kids, it is the best time during the year when everything is shiny and bright. And, of course, opening gift boxes filled with toys and everything their little hearts desired.

This is what our kids in the US and other developed countries do.

For kids across sub-Saharan Africa? It’s a different matter altogether. There are no gifts to open, and very few will even get to see and be near a Christmas tree.

But you can change that!

Below we share how you can transform people’s lives this Christmas season.

Gifts that will change lives forever

When we talk about Christmas gifts or Geschenke für 3 Jahre Alten Jungen or girls, we instantly imagine jewelry or the latest action figures. However, for families in Sub-Saharan Africa, you do not have to buy anything fancy or expensive.

On the contrary, goats, chickens, and piglets are true gifts. These livestock gifts may seem ordinary to you. However, these are practical gifts that can change a family’s life, and that is where the true value of a gift lies.

When you gift a family a pair of goats or piglets, it will cost next to nothing compared to the gifts you buy in the western world. But the family that receives your gift can raise the livestock and provide for the family’s needs for many years in the future.

In addition to livestock, a set of farming tools will also equip the family to work the fields. Besides, a bag of seeds can also be the answer to helping a family out of poverty. These are the basic tools that a Sub-Saharan family needs to improve their harvest and, in turn, the quality of their lives.

Empowering families towards a better life

Apart from livestock and other tangible gifts, any type of contribution becomes priceless to families in this part of the planet. It allows a family member to enroll in training courses. Some of the training courses that are invaluable to African families include technical training in sowing seeds, planting, and weeding. In addition, the training also focuses on breeding, raising, and rearing livestock.

These seemingly small steps allow the poorest African farmers to become self-sufficient and sustainable. Therefore, what you may consider a small gesture can be truly life-changing for a family. It will also give the poorest families the chance to work their way out of poverty.

Lifetime gifts for a better life

When you reach out to present a lifetime gift to an African family, it prepares them for a better life and a future. Improved harvest allows children to have access to nutritious food, which in turn improves their health.

In addition, even the poorest families can sell the surplus from the harvest. For many families, this has enabled the children to get a college education and even at universities.

Final thoughts

Christmas is a time to share the love with people around us. It is always great to appreciate and be grateful for those in our lives that matter by gifting.

But when you have a chance to change the lives of an entire family. When you know that a small gesture of gifting a goat or a piglet is all it takes to prepare a family to face the future. When you know that it is in your power to bring a smile to impoverished children.

Would you not take the chance to make a difference in someone’s life?

After all, Christmas is all about magic, and you could be that magic!